Kreate-A-Key is becoming InstaCode

Kreate-A-Key has always been a WH Software product. For many years, Kreate-A-Key was offered as a rebranded edition of InstaCode.

The only difference between Kreate-A-Key and InstaCode was the logo image and the product name/branding. InstaCode contains all the same key codes and features that you have grown to rely on.

The Kreate-A-Key brand has now been retired.
Your transition to InstaCode will be easy
We will be moving all Kreate-A-Key users over to InstaCode in a way that will ensure minimal disruptions.
Your current license will remain valid and continue to run uninterrupted.
Your next regular Kreate-A-Key upgrade will instead be offered as a transition to InstaCode.
Your account has been migrated to our new website
Our new website for maintaining and renewing your registrations can be found at https://activate.whsoftware.com.
You can login with the same email address and password that was used on the old Kreate-A-Key website.
More information about WH Software and our products can be found at www.whsoftware.com. Please contact us at support@whsoftware.com if you have any difficulties.